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Comment/critique some writing, please?

I wrote this today, but my writing is troubling me recently because either I'm getting more critical or it's withering slowly when I don't write often enough. You can just leave a short comment but it would also be nice if you could answer few questions :D -

1. How's the overall flow, pacing, feeling, etc.? Show not tell, balance of description to action, and so on?

2. This is supposed to be in POV third limited of Raven - in the beginning before I give them names, am I mingling POVs or is it all right?

3. Does it hold your interest or is it getting boring? Should I try to condense it or should I try to describe things more?

4. And just wondering, what would you say my 'writing style' seems like (not sure if I'm getting that term right :/)? I asked a friend to read a bit recently and they don't seem to see the way I write remotely close to the way I do O_O What do you think?

Thanks a lot! :D

The sky was a mottled, dusky purplish blue when the raven flew across the town, startlingly black against the subdued tones of the town. It glided through the air, immense dark wings outspread, cawing as night began to draw its shroud over the world. The first stars blinked drowsily in the sky, still obscured by the clouds.

Below, a woman sitting on the balcony looked up and spied the raven in the sky. She bent slowly and let the ginger tabby she was holding slip free from her arms. Standing, the woman adjusted her bun, the black strands mingled with gray. She raised a thin arm and waved at the raven in the sky.

The raven drew near and wheeled twice around the balcony, cawing softly as it descended in a lazy spiral it light upon the balcony guardrail. It ****** its feathered head, a bright black eye peering at her.

“Evening, Raven,” the woman said, her eyes creasing as she smiled. “What news do you bring?” The raven bobbed its head and held out one of its feet. The woman reached out to untie the message from its leg.

As soon as the last bit of red string came free, the raven hopped down from its perch to crouch on the cold stone floor. As it held itself there, still as stone, a soft, warm light began to emanate from its body. The woman looked away and shielded her eyes with her hands. The light grew and the woman closed her eyes as it became brighter and brighter.

“Done,” a husky voice said. The woman turned, lowering her arms, and smiled at the girl standing before her. She was slight, a small girl, but her dark eyes shone with life and intelligence.

“Are you all right, Raven?” the woman said. “You weren’t hurt in the mountains?”

“No, but I was almost discovered once or twice.” Raven laughed. “I didn’t think they would catch on, but Anaris made me spend a day or two sitting in a cage. A cage, Nan. Think of that.”

Nan gave a small smile. “Well, at least it worked as a disguise,” she said.

Raven snorted. “But I was in my raven form! What would you think if you saw an ugly, ordinary coal-colored bird sitting in a display cage meant for those exotic birds at the markets?”

Nan smiled and unrolled the message Raven had been carrying. She squinted at the scroll, holding it up against the light to see it better.

“What does it say?” Raven came to stand behind Nan, peering at the black lines etched on the scroll, flowing smoothly together despite their sharp turns. “Anaris wouldn’t tell me.”

Nan’s lips moved as she read. “Not him,” she muttered.

“What? Who?” Raven cried, frustrated. “Tell me, Nan!”

“ It’s him,” Nan said, “Lord Red. He’s going to Grayin.” Nan’s face was creased with worry. “We have to tell the others – Miran, and –”

“Why didn’t Anaris tell me?” Raven said. “I could have – I could have warned…”

“He was afraid you wouldn’t go straight to me,” Nan said. “That you might have tried to go to…” she faltered.

“Mother!” Raven said, gritting her teeth. “But she’s in Grayin! If Red sees her, he’ll have her killed.”

“I know, Raven, I know.” Nan rubbed her face. The ginger tabby wandered back onto the balcony, mewing softly. Raven reached down to stroke the tabby.

“I have to go to Mother,” she said. “I can’t just be idle while Red…”

“No. You can’t go. We don’t want to risk out if they see you, too. We’ll send someone else. Miran, he’ll go. It will be safer that way.”

“Nan-” Raven cut herself off and tilted her head. Footsteps, heavy and distinct, grew closer and closer. The next moment, a boy burst out onto the balcony, his face flushed as he gasped for air.

“Lady,” he said, after regaining his breath, “You’re required at the Hall – it’s important, they said to run and get you straight away-”

“I will be there, thank you,” Nan said, dismissing the boy. She turned to Raven. “Stay here,” she said. “Don’t let yourself be seen.”

Raven made no reply, only watching Nan as she threw on a cloak and hurried down the staircase and out into the deepening dusk.Comment/critique some writing, please?
1. I think the pacing is okay, it's not too fast or too slow but sometimes it feels as if the dialogue between Nan and Raven was dragging on. I understand that their conversation is a really important part of the scene, but maybe you should put some minor action in between so it doesn't seem like they're just standing there while they talked

2. Hmm. The POV. That's actually kind of tricky because while I was reading the first half of your story, it sounded as if it was written in Nan's point of view. I'm guessing Raven is the main character? If she is, focus on her part the most - describe what she sees, says, feels more than you describe the other characters

3. I love the description in the beginning. It was beautiful. The dialogue also made it clear what was going on in the story. Yeah, I think it held my interest pretty well

4. I'm not sure how to answer this. I'm not a very good analyst when it comes to writing style.

Overall you're story's good. I can see from this excerpt that it's going to have lots of action in it -which is good. What I think you should work on is the descriptions. What color is Nan's eye? How does Raven look like when she's in her human form? How does the scenery look like - are they near the mountaintops, or the city, or some hidden place in the forest that no one knows about?

Hope this all helps! And thank you for your own feedback on my question.Comment/critique some writing, please?
I really like this, I think you could get published eventually. Everything you asked was really nice. Tell me when it's released ;)Comment/critique some writing, please?
This needs to be a book. Full story ?

Eight years from now:?

I woke up this morning to a cold gray day. Turned on the t.v. to see if there was anything new on the news this morning...yup, just as I suspected, no WMD's in Iran either...wish they'd figured that out before they bombed the place for half a decade.

I check my wallet. Looks like I have just enough ameros for a genetically modified banana at the super market. Oooh, but I better hurry though, as I've got to get to Kaiser so they can vaccinate me against the "new" disease that's out there.

I open the shabby door and walk out of my dilapidated apartment. It's a block to the market. As I walk, I reminisce of the days when I lived in my old home....the old home that was in the path of a future superhighway...they forced me to move. Now we have a merged economy with Canada and Mexico...I can hardly make enough ameros to even feed myself. Oh well, at least the already corrupt, wealthy corporations are getting wealthier.

Now I'm at the market. I walk inside to see a bunch ofEight years from now:?
Oh yea this could happen, maybe not as severe or maybe worse!

Except for the microchip, aint no way in hell they are tagging me!!!!!!!!! If they even tried that is when the uprising/revolt would happen.
Amen to that! I'm with ya on that all the way! TY for BA.

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Eight years from now:?
i agree this really could happen.

except there's no way the guy at the grocery store is gonna speak english to you.

maybe there's some computer which is translating for him?
No, I don't! An excellent example of what could be if we continue on our path of allowing illegals in our nation!Eight years from now:?
Did you write that? That was pretty good

Ron Paul!

Why does it seem that so many people these days are afraid to look older? To look their age?

Plastic surgery and all sorts or creams and pills that rejuvenate the physical appearance are increasingly popular. These types of products are heavily advertised and marketed almost as a necessity for everyone. Even on Y/A lately there are several ads that show pictures of elderly people with a warning that says "don't look like this!" linking users to sites in order to purchase whatever "miracle" product they have to offer.

I find it really rather extreme, sad and wasteful that so many people are willing to under go major (unnecessary) surgery and apply/ingest all sorts of chemicals and toxins just to look unnaturally youthful.

My question is why are people so afraid to look old or look their age? It is natural for people to get wrinkles and gray or silver hairs in time. Why does it seem like the majority are trying so hard to hide or reverse the natural effect of time on appearance? What is your opinion on this fascination that many have with looking young? (And it's not just women but men also. There seems to be more and more beauty products and surgeries for men these days.)Why does it seem that so many people these days are afraid to look older? To look their age?
I think media has a huge part to play in this. Look at some of the stars out there. Will do anything to stay looking youthful. I personally would rather grow old gracefully then have surgery after surgery to the point where my face doesn't function right.
Because in America, the divorce rate is over 70% and that leaves a lot of women single, and men in this country over whelmingly judge females by her youth and appearance.

So the only chance a divorced older women has is to try to look young.Why does it seem that so many people these days are afraid to look older? To look their age?
i plan on getting botox as soon as possible..i feel OLD and i'm only 19
I don't know.

But then again I don't look my age. I WISH I did though.

I'm 20 and I have a 16-year-old sister whom everyone thinks is my TWIN. It's really annoying to go somewhere with her and have people say, "Wow, you're twins!"

But what's really bad is sometimes people think she's the 20 year old. Ouch!

People tell me I'll appreciate this when I'm 50 and look 30 but I won't know until then.Why does it seem that so many people these days are afraid to look older? To look their age?
Simple people are vain and are told over and over that the need to look better than they do. Doctors are greedy and will do anything to make a buck so they make up problems they feel will make them lots of money and people will believe them cause they are doctors and are supposed to be smart. Enough people believe the lies and tell others the same lies.

Yes dogs originated from wolves. But your avoiding the question. Why are designer dogs bad?

From precious pomeranians to mangy mutts, all domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) seem to be descended from the Eurasian gray wolf (Canis lupis). But what we still don't know is exactly when and where our best friends transformed from predators into partners. And such knowledge might help solve the long-disputed question of exactly why dogs were the first animal to be domesticated.

Excerpt from Scientific American -…

Though some people do not see a difference between so called "rare breeds" and the current craze of breeding "designer dogs", there truly is a difference. Rare breeds are breeds actually in development and working towards a single type, or old breeds that have fallen out of favor, resulting in a drastic decline in the population. Designer dogs is actually a nice label for the practice of interbreeding two distinct breeds. Before the world became so politically correct, dogs of this nature were referred to as mutts or the proverbial "Heinz 57". Designer dogs are not being bred to develop a single breed type, but are simply catering to what the dog buying public is willing to purchase, and one has to give credit for the clever marketing ploy that persuades buyers to part with hundreds of dollars for the very same dogs that shelters often cannot give away. Not to say that designer dogs don't make fine companions, but the difference in breeding goals should be noted. -

Excerpt from American Kennel Club -…|||Folks who sell designer breeds are really just selling Mutts. I don't have anything against mutts, but lets call them what they really are.

And the shelters are chock full of mutts that need loving homes.|||Aren't we controlling the mixture of genes when we put two cows together in the same stall? Are we not making a designer cow, one that is bigger, and meatier than the rest? Using this logic, designer dogs are not bad. "Controlled mating" is control mating whether it is done inside or outside of a lab.|||i was going to type an answer- then i realized that Reality Check said it for me.

could you hang around, and just paste the link to this question on every Q kids ask about their cocka-collie or their bichon-weiller?|||Because they're bred by greedy liars.|||Preaching to the choir here dude...|||Am I the only one seeing that you're contradicting yourself HUGELY here?? You ask why designer dogs are bad, and yet you list all the EXACT reasons they're bad!!

The domestication of dogs from wolves is irrelevant. We all know where dogs came from. And no, pure breds from reputable breeders ARE NOT more prone to health issues, etc... due to inbreeding. This is because when reputable breeders inbreed, they do so from experience, based on the knowledge they have of their dogs' genetics. It's also done AFTER having all dogs screened for genetic health issues. Show me ONE "designer" dog breeder that does ANY health testing on their dogs, or that is breeding for more then money. I'd put down $10 that says you CAN'T find one. Why? Because they DO NOT exist. Period. What's the issue? Exactly that. What's the point in breeding more pet quality mutts, when THOUSANDS die in shelters daily, that are the EXACT same mixes, and the EXACT same quality, as those being created by "designer breeders".

IF it were done with a PURPOSE in mind, (and I don't just mean the purpose of demand and supply), by people that actually screened the dogs, etc... I wouldn't care. However, show me ONE "designer" breeder that's creating their mutts for a purpose OTHER then to provide what society wants. Show me ONE that's doing it to improve a breed, or create a new breed at all. You can't breed two labradoodles and get a litter of labradoodles. There is NO consistency whatsoever, and there never has been, therefore they ARE NOT trying to create anything except a walking ATM machine. That goes with ANY of the "designer" breeds. NONE of their breeders are doing it for a purpose, other then to fill their own pockets.|||online my dog has a hybrid breed name: Labmeiraner (may have spelled wrong). he is lab and weimeraner mix. a mutt is all. designer dogs are for idiots with too much money.

I have done dog grooming on mixes like goldendoodles. they suck to groom. the hair is nasty and most owners let it go too long and it gets matted to the point of being shaved off too short, cause that's the only option left.|||I don't get it. You ask in your question "Why are designer dogs bad?" but then site excerpts that don't support your argument.

There IS a difference between the breeding of purebreds and the breeding of designer mutts.

Most designer mutts are 1st or at most 2nd generation crosses. The breeds we have today are works of 100s of year of crossing and breeding to get a reliable result. When I take a German Shepherd and breed it to another German Shepherd, I get a litter of German Shepherds. When I take a Lab and breed it to a Poodle, I get a mystery match litter of puppies. Call them what you want, but they aren't a breed and they never will be until I get a reliable results. Breeding Labs to Poodles and then Labs to Poodles and getting "Labradoodles" doesn't make it a new breed.

The other problem is that these dogs are NEVER health tested and cleared for genetic conditions. Well-bred purebreds are. Not all breeders of purebreds health test either....though they should. My point is, that if someone wants a mixed breed dog, with unknown traits, then they should get one from the shelter.

I've owned my share of mutts and purebreds and they all have made great pets.

The only breeding I can support is that of show or working dogs with titles who come from breeders who do genetic health testing. Otherwise, pick up one of the 100000000s of pups in a shelter. Badly bred purebreds are just as bad as designer dogs IMO.

ETA: Kaper put it perfectly.

Until someone wants to go about creating a breed standard for a "puggle" and creates more "puggles" by breeding them to each other for many many generations they will not become a new breed.

Generally breeds have multiple breeds in the foundation stock added for different reasons. This is different to breeding two purebreds and slapping a cutesy name on it.

I really don't get your logic. I'm trying hard to follow you, but you are bouncing around all over the place.|||you posted a question earlyer and i typed ALOT. i'm not sure if you need all these answers now, but here is what i typed:

People react because there are good dogs, that need a home in shelters EVERYWHERE shelters are filling up and people need to adopt, before breed. if you want a certain dog with certain traits, do some research. I'm positive there is a dog somewhere, someplace, that is abandon in a shelter somewhere. no, breeding Isn't "evil", in my opinion, its just something that shouldn't be done in this now. Like i said, there are lots of shelters out there.

Training is something that could be done with any dog. You can train dog to be perfect for someones needs, weather its a protection dog, a trick dog, or almost anything!

Another thing people worry about with breeding is about responsible breeders. Some breeders will carelessly sell dogs to puppy mills, or Puppy breeding factories that are nothing but, cruel, mean, and inhuman. they are places were dogs are treated as "money Makers" instead of "living animals" they have minimum conditions for there dogs, and they dog care about the dogs health what-so-ever. here is a link to a video about puppy mills and how they look:

This is why people don't trust people with breeding as much. these conditions are horrible. often the decided puppies are thrown in garbage bins like trash. if you want to know about breeding dogs for traits, hears a video about puppy mills and how it affect professional dog trainers

hope this helped|||Why are designer dogs bad? This is not so much a question that gets 'avoided' as one of those Elephants-in-the-room that people don't admit they're seeing. There is snobbery involved in getting twee mixed breeds (aka. mutts - but 'mutt' is too dorwnmarket). Then there is inverse snobbery from a lot of people who resent 'poseurs' who dare to support this travesty of dog breeding.

That's the main reason why there is all this angst.

The facts relating to bad breeding practises, poor health, the naivite of many first time dog owners who are now starting with a designer mutt, and the surfeit of these dogs making it harder for already-full shelters to rehome their dogs make powerful secondary secondary arguments.

Does that address your actual question?|||Why did you delete your other rant - er, question?

Not sure why it's necessary to post the origin of the domestic dog - yes, we all know they are only about 2% dissimilar from the wolf, quit beating that dead horse.

Unless mutts are screened for congenital disease, are sold before they're born, and are bred in the first place for a WORKING need, then there's no need for them to exist.

There are over 400+ PUREBREDS in existence today. You telling me that you can't pick out a healthy speciman to do what you need it to do from that ginormous of a list?


As far as spouting baloney about "designer" dogs - they're mutts. ALL of them. Don't care how many "oodles" and "poos" you add to the name, they're still mutts. Not a thing wrong with mutts - however, the vast majority of them don't have parents that have ever had OFA/CERF ratings.

It is ABHORRANT to keep breeding diseased dogs just because of people's perverted desires - "She should be a mommy!" - "Sex is natural!" - "My dog is pretty/smart/has great markings/a great watchdog/etc. and should be bred to continue those traits!"

There is NOTHING that makes any of the thousands of new badly bred pups born every single day in this country BETTER than the THOUSANDS of dogs killed every single day in this country. NOTHING.

EDIT: "Yes there are unscrupulous people in all aspects of life but that does not mean that there aren't honest well meaning people who breed designer dog."

I mean EXACTLY that!

Either you have some nitwit ignorant person who is breeding half-@ssed without ALL of the information necessary (not honest) or you have a scuzzy BYB/Puppy Mill churning out whatever lines their pockets faster (not honest or well-meaning).

It's either breed happy, healthy PUREBREDS or breed happy, healthy, WORKING MUTTS. It's black and white, no shades of grey here.

EDIT: "Purebred dogs can have more health issues due to inbreeding."

Oh, right . . . and so NONE of the "designer" mutts are EVER coming from badly bred, inbred purebreds in the first place? LOL What in the world are you on about?? WELL-BRED purebreds - those with genetically healthy pedigrees - are NEVER used to make random mutts; badly bred dogs are the ones that are cheaper, more obtainable, and don't come with a strict breeder contract, so THEY are used for breeding mutts.

GOOD breeders often do linebreeding and OCCASIONALLY inbreeding - but they know their dogs' pedigrees, they understand genetics, they consult with their breed mentors, get advice from their reproductive veterinarians, etc. before they ever attempt ANY breeding.|||The issue I have with it, aside from the FACT that almost all "designer" breeders do NOT spend a dime nor a minute of time and effort to find genetically healthy stock, is that the majority of them are using underhanded tactics and outright lies and misdirection to sell their puppies.

They claim that any "doodle" or "poo" will not shed, {they do} that they are smarter than purebreds, {they're not} and that they have "hybrid vigor", {which is total crock o'**** and a lame justification for not spending any time, effort or money on choosing genetically healthy stock}.

They call them "breeds", which is a slap at the breeders that devoted lifetimes to developing real breeds.

You can't just take two dogs, breed them and call it a breed, it don't work that way.

If that's not bad enough, the majority don't take their own back, let alone do rescue.

If you can't at least rescue any dog that was born because you decided to breed it's parents, you shouldn't breed them in the first place.

"Designer breeders" get two dogs from wherever, standard and genetics be damned, breed them and then take money from any one that comes along, that puppy that just went out the door never crosses their minds again.

That's why I have a problem with "designer breeders". It's not the dogs' fault, they are just as much victims of this sort of breeding as real breeders and shelters, {which are loaded with designer dogs, because they shed, they got big, they were too hard to train, yada yada.}|||No, where dogs came from doesn't really factor in. Assuming we all accept they were domesticated from wolves, the selective breeding continued until we had purebred lines. Wolves have a hunt sequence. We see truncated versions of this sequence in different breeds. Retriever chase, but don't attack. Some breeds stalk. Certain breeds that produced only offspring with those desired traits, not all the traits the original domesticated wolf dog had.

I fail to see what relevence that quote has to the argument of breeding designer dogs. "Designer dogs are not being bred to develop a single breed type, but are simply catering to what the dog buying public is willing to purchase, and one has to give credit for the clever marketing ploy that persuades buyers to part with hundreds of dollars for the very same dogs that shelters often cannot give away. Not to say that designer dogs don't make fine companions, but the difference in breeding goals should be noted."

That is exactly our point.

They are basically saying that "designer dog" is a more politically correct term for a mutt or a heinz 57.

Why are designer dogs bad? Why are they good? What makes them different from the mixes overrunning the shelters?

I can tell you what the difference in well bred purebred and the purebreds overrunning the shelters is. It is they were bred with health and temperament in mind. They come from lines that have had health clearances for genetic diseased, from a breeder who knows the lines, the traits, the health issues and the temperament. Designer dogs don't. Few DD breeders do health clearances. Since mixes are unpredictable, they aren't breeding for certain traits.

I no more support irresponsible breeding of purebreds than I do of mixes, just to be clear.


I am sorry, you just seem to keep changing what you are asking or saying here and contradicting yourself.

I have said in another question and in the one you deleted, I have no problem with crossbreeding to introduce some healthy genes. I have no problem with mixing breeds and selectively breeding to create a new breed.

But that is NOT what these designer dog breeders are doing. They are simply producing first and second generation mixes. They are not breeding to produce anything in particular, they are not breeding for health. They are mixing two dogs and calling it a new breed.


Ok, you are impossible to follow.

"If you agree that all dog descended from wolves than logic follows that all subsequent dogs are designer dogs breed to produce a certain set of characteristics and traits."

Producing a certain set of characteristics and traits is PUREBRED. You already accepted the designer dogs are not purebred, but mutts.

Purebred is NOT a term that applies only to doga. It is a scientific term that applies to all organisms.

Purebred does not mean 'never been mixed'. So the fact that thousands of years ago all dogs were essentially mutts does not mean that they are now or that designer dogs are the same.

Purebred - denoting a pure strain obtained through many generations of controlled breeding for desirable traits…

True breeding -

A true breeding organism , sometimes also called a pure-bred, is an organism having certain biological traits which are passed on to all subsequent generations when bred with another true breeding organism for the same traits. In other words, to "breed true" means that two organisms with a particular, heritable phenotype produce only offspring with that (same) phenotype.

By way of it does not contrast - a non -true-breeding organism can (and will, some of the time) produce offspring with different phenotypes (physical characteristics).…

Purebreds are not mutts. When you breed a purebred to the same purebred, you have a known set of characteristics that will appear because it is truebreeding.

When you breed a designer dog to the same type of designer dog, you don't.

Yes, designer dogs *can* become purebreds, if they go through generations of selective breeding for the desired traits. But unless someone actually does this, not just breed first and second generations as is the current practice, they won't.

I need a ChaCha invite..?

I am looking for a ChaCha invite. Just to briefly share a bit about me, I have experience with Marketing and online research and so am very Internet savvy and know how to surf. Other experience that may be helpful is that I have worked from home for Mars Venus as a relationship coach for author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, John Gray where I was voted a Top Coach for high productivity, knowledge of the material and customer satisfaction. My background includes customer service experience.

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  • monroe muffler
  • Can anyone give me opinions on my corporate branding?


    I'm in the process of establishing a software-based research firm whose target market mainly consists of corporate clients. I'm having a design company create my corporate branding and identity. The initial concepts are of the letterhead and business card. There are elements I like of with all.

    *Set 1: I like the 1st in that it adds an accent color to my image. Between my logo and current colors of my site, it's heavily blue and heavily gray. So, I think the goldish color adds a unique touch that can make me more easily identifiable. BUT, I'm unsure if it's too bold? Will it take away from my professional image w/ corporate clients?

    *Set 2: This set seems more traditional and corporate-friendly. It incorporates my grays well and such, and seems to be a safer bet.

    *Set 3: This is a very clean, minimalist look that also seems to be a safe bet.

    I'm no marketing or art expert, so can anyone shed some opinions? Also, feel free to give ideas on how to improve upon these.

    Thanks! anyone give me opinions on my corporate branding?
    You color scheme is nice, and it has an inviting soft approach.

    What I recommend is spending more time on your messaging and your offer strategy. These days a static corporate brochure isn't enough, and you can do some really cool things with digial print that keep your image, but also lead to more sales. Check the resource below for some education on the subject.

    Why do younger women like this guy?

    at my work, theres a 54 yr old guy who is a manager in the HR department. He's short, paunchy, glasses, full beard, his hair and facial hair has a fair amount of gray in it. younger women seem to love this guy for some reason. in 2006 he had a baby with 23 yr old asian gal that was interning there, last year he had a baby with a 20 yr old intern who was good looking college girl and now he's having a kid with his current girlfriend who works here as a marketing analyst who is 26. she's newly divorced and has two younger kids. this is all in addition to the 4 other kids he has from two previous marriages! he's not a bad guy, its just kind of maddening when there's good looking other men out there who cant get these kind of women like he does. any guy is gonna wish for all of the women, especially at that age and those hot, but not wish for the kidney stones that he suffers from. you to admire him for being able to urinate out a kidney stone in the mens room at work and not staying home to do it. he said that passing a kidney stone is the most painful experiece he's ever had. i heard its like having a baby for a man.Why do younger women like this guy?
    It is either because of his personality, or at the risk of being vulgar, maybe he has a big unit, and legend has spread amongst the women folk.
    He seems to have a problem with boundaries at work and my first thought is that maybe these women thought a relationship with him would help them have an in with advancement. That having been said, who knows why they find him attractive. Maybe they have daddy issues.Why do younger women like this guy?
    well he could have a lot going on for him downstairs?

    or he could be a really charming guy

    he could also be a bit rich?

    who knows....but since he's not bad it definitely could be his charm
    because he is likedWhy do younger women like this guy?
    he is a perverted old ****